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Make Your
Own Delicious Gummies At Home

Frckn' Delicious! provides easy-to-use DIY gummy kits that include everything you need to make your own tasty gummies in the comfort of your own home.
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Control Your Edible Experience

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"Awesome Kate!!! These home made gummies are awesome, I love the lime and of course the tropical, I'd say both are new go to for sure. This kit is so easy and you can make them as potent as you want. Absolutely well worth the purchase!"

"I’m in amazement. Thank you for saving me hours and hours! Omg seriously you have a forever customer right here based on the time and headache saved. I can’t express it, you’ve done all the hard work and I feel like the smart girl in class let me copy her test. Your ingredients are a life changer for a novice like me or a pro who doesn’t wanna waste time. Amazing is all I can say!"

"We sent this kit as a gift to a fellow human in need. Thank you! They taste amazing." 


Vincent Greene
Long Island, NY

Cory Doucette
Halifax, NS

Tracy Dawn-Brown
Amherst, NS

Brian Maida
Hartford, CT

"Well, I made the gummy kits and they were a real success! My friend and her partner said their gummies are game changer in our meals! Thank you so much Kathleen. When they are through with our latest batch I’m sure they will be placing another order right away and I’m the chosen chef! lol"

  • Why choose FRCKN' Delicious DIY Gummies?
    FRCKN' Delicious empowers you to craft your own experience. They are super simple to use and by using our gummy making kits, you can control exactly what goes into your edibles. Plus, they taste really great and they can help save you money!
  • Do FRCKN' Delicious gummies contain any THC or CBD?
    FRCKN' Delicious gummies do NOT contain any active ingredient. For all intensive purposes, they are simply a delicious snack until you infuse them with cannabis oil that you either make at home or purchase from an authorized retailer. *We do not sell any cannabis products.
  • What effects do each dosage of THC have from 1mg to 100mg?
    Please always remember to start low and go slow. A good starting dose is 2-5mg per gummy. See below for larger dosages, what effects they have and who they are best suited for:
  • Are FRCKN' Delicious gummies vegan or sugar free?
    At the moment our products contain gelatin and sugar. We do have a vegan, sugar free option in our development pipeline, but we have to make sure we are permitted to sell it before we scale up and commercialize it. Please let us know if this is something you would like to see sooner rather than later.
  • What forms of cannabis can I use with your kit?
    FRCKN' Delicious can be used with almost any type of cannabis derivative including distillate, shatter, or rosin, or they can be used with infused oils such as coconut, MCT, sunflower, etc. The only caveat is that your oil should be fairly strong. We do not recommend adding more than 2-5mg per gummy (or ~3 teaspoons per batch).
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